Oct. 9, 2015


FMLA Takes Up a Lot of Time, ComPsych Research Shows

You might not believe, but there’s a whole lotta leave. A recent analysis by ComPsych Corp. found that 10.7 percent of the U.S. workforce is on leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act at any given time. With about 118 million full-time workers in the United States, that would mean almost 12 million full-time workers are on FMLA.

According to ComPsych analysis of data from its FMLASource program, the average time off for FMLA is two weeks (14.2 work days), and almost 64 percent of that leave is continuously used compared with 35 percent intermittent and 1.5 percent as a reduced schedule.

Interestingly, only about 24 percent of leave is used for caring for family or a new child vs. 64 percent for an employee’s own health, according to ComPsych’s research, with 9 percent of FMLA time off being used for a pregnancy.

The top reasons workers are on FMLA are for surgery (36 percent), a normal pregnancy (13 percent), bonding with a child (10 percent) and cancer (7 percent).

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