Oct. 12, 2015

Daily Oklahoman

FMLA Absences Rising, Analysis Shows

According to analysis released late last month, 10.7 percent of the U.S. workforce is on FMLA leave at any given time. Chicago-based ComPsych Corporation reports 63.6 percent of  FMLA leave is taken continuously, while the average time taken is 14.2 days.

Seventeen percent of FMLA leave is taken to care for family members, 9.1 percent for pregnancies and 6.8 percent for new children. The majority of FMLA leave -- 64. 1 percent -- is taken for an employee’s own health condition, from surgeries and normal pregnancies to mental health and accidents.

ComPsych founder and CEO Richard A. Chaifetz said FMLA absences have risen across all sectors of the U.S. workforce, “while some industries such as health care and call centers have as much as 30 percent of workers on FMLA leave,” he said.

Chaifetz said a growing number of employers outsource the administration of FMLA. In the past year alone, there’ve been more than 160 changes to the state and federal FMLA regulations, he said.

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