Nov. 3, 2015


Why Too Much Management Stress Yields Too Little Productivity

People don’t do their best work anxious. Sure, a little stress is fine. But a steady diet of management-induced stress leads almost to a kind of productivity indigestion – with an upset state of mind rarely resulting in focused hard work.

The literature of work-related stress is abundant, filled with data documenting its difficulties and considerable corporate costs. ComPsych’s StressPulse survey notes that 56 percent of employees report high stress levels, with 28 percent missing 3 to 6 days a year due to stress, and 13 percent missing more than 6 days per year. The survey also noted that 45 percent of employees came to work 1 to 4 days per year “when too stressed to be effective,” and 18 percent reported losing an hour or more of productivity a day.

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