Media Coverage - 2017

Apr. 14, 2017

HR Daily Advisor

Studies Show Coaching Makes a Difference in Wellness Programs

Many wellness programs now incorporate technology to appeal to tech-savvy employees, but the human element is still a critical component in the success of wellness programs,...


Apr. 13, 2017

U.S. News & World Report

Workplace Perks Your Wallet Will Love

A recent survey found 91 percent of job seekers would accept a new opportunity if better benefits were offered. That means the stakes are high for companies in competitive markets. When it comes...


Apr. 8, 2017

Corporate Wellness Magazine

The Effects of Workplace Stress on Your Health- and What to Do About It!

What’s making employees so stressed? There can be very specific triggers for the kind of stress experienced at the office. In a StressPulse survey by EAP...


Mar. 29, 2017

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Majority of Employees Use Social Media, Even to the Point of 'Digital Distraction'

Nearly 90 percent of employees say they check social media at work. Some admit to doing so excessively, according to a national survey by...


Mar. 27, 2017

HR Executive

A Call for Digital Mindfulness

Is social media negatively affecting our lives? I guess ComPsych would say so – gone unchecked, that is. That’s why the Chicago-based EAP provider is offering a new training course to its more than 33,000...


Mar. 23, 2017

Chicago Splash

Holocaust Museum & Education Center's Humanitarian Awards Dinner

The Chicago Children’s Choir performed for guests – including dignitaries from 18 different countries – at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on March 8 for the Holocaust Museum &...


Mar. 21, 2017

Claims Journal

Urge to Check Social Media Adds to Distraction at Work

It is now commonplace to see people engrossed in their phones at restaurants, in stores and in public in general. This trend has extended into the workplace as the urge to check social...


Mar. 10, 2017

HR Executive

When Grief Hits Home at Work

HR Executive managing editor Kris Frasch tells the story of losing her husband in hopes it might shed light on what HR and managers can do when one of their own suffers significant loss and struggles to work through...


Mar. 9, 2017


Illinois Holocaust Museum Hosts Humanitarian Awards Dinner

The Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center hosted its humanitarian awards dinner March 8. Former First Lady Laura Bush was the keynote speaker for the museum’s largest fundraiser. The...


Mar.7, 2017


Reebok, Other Employers Step Up Their Game With Fitness Perks 

Nike, Reebok International Ltd., and other U.S. sports apparel giants are helping employees get in shape with a slew of fitness-related perks that could also create a few new customers....


Mar.3, 2017

Chicago Tribune 

Laura Bush to speak at Illinois Holocaust Museum Humanitarian Awards Dinner

Former First Lady Laura Bush will be the keynote speaker March 8 at the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center's annual 2017 Humanitarian Awards...


Feb.3, 2017

Small Biz Daily 

Creating an Employee Improvement Plan

When employees fail to meet performance expectations, managers tend to believe the employee is at fault. However, the problem is often at least partially due to unclear expectations. According to a study...


Jan. 21, 2017

Crain's Chicago Business 

Illinois Holocaust Museum Bets on Rock n' Roll

In July, the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center will open “Bill Graham & the Rock & Roll Revolution.” The exhibit, a vast collection of photos, costumes, broken guitars...


Jan. 13, 2017

Talent Management 

Stress Goes Down When Your Employees Don't Bottle It Up

Every employer has their own idea of a dream team, but most will agree it would consist of employees who are passionate about their careers, put forth extreme effort and hit their...


Jan. 9, 2017

Retail Minded

Ways to Boost Employee Engagement 

Keeping your employees engaged is important because it allows your business to achieve positive outcomes. When your employees are willing to give their best, wonderful opportunities unfold. One simple yet...

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