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Managed Behavioral Health

ComPsych offers a specialized, carve-out managed behavioral health program which provides high-quality care along with skilled management of costs. Because of our focus and in-depth experience in the behavioral health field, we are able to expertly match each employee with the appropriate level of care, with rigorous case management and follow up to ensure the best outcomes.

Through our extensive network and experience, ComPsych is able to negotiate rates and provide the most effective and appropriate level of care, which helps organizations better manage behavioral health costs.

Our Managed Behavioral Health programs include:

  • Program models on an administrative services only (ASO) or risk basis
  • Full integration with EAP and work-life services
  • 24 hour pre-certification
  • Industry-leading claims administration
  • Access to our worldwide network
  • Utilization management at all levels of care
  • Comprehensive reporting of program outcomes

Discover the added benefits of integrating a managed behavioral health program with a ComPsych EAP:

  • Proactive promotion of EAP services that result in higher utilization, earlier intervention and better resolution rates within the EAP
  • EAP-first strategy that expertly assesses an employee before using the managed behavioral health benefit
  • Seamless care from EAP to managed behavioral health provider when more extensive services are needed
  • Reduced need for inpatient care through earlier identification and treatment of issues