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Feb 24, 2019

Millennials at work and many others all have an idea of what work burnout is but what are the tell-tale signs you or someone else is experiencing it?

By definition, if you are feeling emotionally exhausted, detached or ineffective due to an overwhelming workload, work that leaves you unfulfilled or lack of community in the workplace, exemplified by poor employee communications – you are in the burnout stage. The average working person knows burnout is possible if they don’t set boundaries and make time for self-care but many of us fail to find the proper balance that will not affect success in all aspects of their lives. According to ComPsych’s StressPulse Survey, workload is a primary source of stress for 39 percent of employees. Does this differ between the seasoned and younger generations?

In a popular article for Buzzfeed, Anne Helen Petersen lays out the causes and implications of why millennials at work seem to burn out in different ways than their generational predecessors. Health professor and writer Rajvinder Samra wrote in a response to Petersen’s article: “Specifically, millennials respond to emotional exhaustion… differently than baby boomers. When feeling emotionally exhausted, millennials are more likely to feel dissatisfied