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U.S. News & World Report

Apr 13, 2017

A recent survey found 91 percent of job seekers would accept a new opportunity if better benefits were offered. That means the stakes are high for companies in competitive markets. When it comes to benefits that offer the most value, talent experts say items like health insurance, retirement plans, parental leave and personal development are important. 

In addition, employee assistance programs offer a lot of bang for the benefits buck. Most EAPs offer free counseling, legal services or financial planning. In many cases, these programs prove beneficial for both employees and employers. Workers may sidestep costly problems by addressing issues proactively. Meanwhile, companies may find their workers stay healthier and more productive. ComPsych, which administers employee assistance programs, says the cost is usually quite reasonable, too. Workers pay nothing to access services, and employers are charged a capitated fee per employee per year.

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