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Claims Journal

Mar 21, 2017

It is now commonplace to see people engrossed in their phones at restaurants, in stores and in public in general. This trend has extended into the workplace as the urge to check social media has spurred the majority of employees to browse Facebook, Twitter and other outlets while at work, according to a Tell It Now poll conducted by ComPsych Corporation, a global provider of employee assistance programs.

“Social media can be a significant distraction both at work and during personal time,” said Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz, founder, chairman and CEO of ComPsych. “This leads to lack of focus and a constant changing of gears that can negatively impact performance, relationships and the ability to be fully present. One of our most popular new EAP training courses involves ‘digital mindfulness,’ which suggests people examine priorities and set limits around time spent on social media so they can be more effective at work, and also find more satisfaction in life overall.”


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