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Employee Benefit News

Aug 28, 2017

As Hurricane Harvey brings historic flooding to Texas, employers have a very important role: to communicate benefits and other assistance to affected employees.

Companies also should reach out to their EAP providers if those representatives haven’t already connected with them.

“We had a number of calls prior to the anticipation of the storm,” says Richard Chaifetz, CEO of ComPsych, the world’s largest employee assistance provider. “It’s just been overwhelming. We’re getting calls from people focused on [everything from] the very basic essentials to concerns about safety and their loved ones.”

ComPsych, which covers 95 million employees globally, has a 24-hour call center to help employees navigate claims and find additional resources, such as mental health counselors, legal assistance and eldercare services. Its representatives are already in Corpus Christi and other nearby cities, gathering “employees together through employers to address the future and how their companies are going to deal with the devastation,” Chaifetz says.

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