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Arkansas Business Journal

Jan 13, 2019

Executives at Garver say its wellness program, recently praised by the Centers for Disease Control, helps the North Little Rock engineering firm save on health care costs and is a boon to the retention, recruitment and productivity of its employees.

“I think one of the key things is it just communicates to our folks that we care about them. And so I think our employees are more engaged because they’re just convinced that we care,” CEO Dan Williams told the Arkansas Business Journal.

As a result of the wellness program, Garver employees on the firm’s health insurance plan have been found to be less at risk than the national average for hypertension (33 percent less), chronic back pain (50 percent less) and diabetes (40 percent less).

Last year, 99 percent of Garver’s employees participated in its wellness program. The wellness program also includes financial literacy workshops and webinars, personal and professional development, a smoking cessation program and counseling through an employee assistance program by Chicago-based ComPsych.

“In the beginning, I think, we were more geared toward the physical aspect of wellness,” Wellness Team Manager Sarah Palmiero said. “This is our fourth year of our current program, which has an overall well-being approach. We don’t just look at physical, we look at the mental aspects of health, the emotional, psychological, the social aspects of health, which is why we have so many different employee engagement events, so they can be involved with each other outside of the typical workspace.”