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ComPsych Corporation is the pioneer and worldwide leader in GuidanceResources, including employee assistance programs (EAPs), behavioral health, work-life, wellness, crisis intervention services and outsourced HR solutions. We offer a variety of services to our client companies, including: EAP services, critical incident stress debriefings (CISDs), workshop/training sessions and substance-abuse specialty services. ComPsych is committed to the delivery of high-quality services to both our customers and our clients. Our network of providers is essential to the delivery of this care.

Prospective providers are encouraged to complete the Prospective Provider Interest Form to apply for network participation. For more information, please visit our Credentialing section.

Providers who participate in ComPsych's provider network, will be able to access the system to:

Provider Interest Form

To receive an application to apply for network participation, please complete the following form. We will e-mail or send you a packet within five (5) business days.

Prospective Provider Interest Form