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ComPsych Corporation is the pioneer and worldwide leader in GuidanceResources, including employee assistance programs (EAPs), behavioral health, work-life, wellness, crisis intervention services and outsourced HR solutions. We offer a variety of services to our client companies, including: EAP services, critical incident stress debriefings (CISDs), workshop/training sessions and substance-abuse specialty services. ComPsych is committed to the delivery of high-quality services to both our customers and our clients. Our network of providers is essential to the delivery of this care.

Prospective providers are encouraged to complete the Prospective Provider Interest Form to apply for network participation. For more information, please visit our Credentialing section.

Providers who participate in ComPsych's provider network, will be able to access the system to:

Provider Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in joining ComPsych! Joining ComPsych's network is a vital step towards expanding the patient population you engage with to include the world's largest Employee Assistance Program and growing Behavioral Health network. In order to process your interest form effectively, please provide as much information as possible pertaining to the services you render and communities you care for.

Interest forms will be processed in the order they are received. If you have questions or concerns on the status of your interest form, please email providerrecruitment@compsych.com

Prospective Provider Interest Form

Global Non-Clinical Providers

If you do not have access to Provider ResourceCenter, please use this form to submit global non-clinical legal, financial and health coaching referrals.

Submit Non-Clinical Referrals


Administration Help

ComPsych's Provider ResourceCenter allows providers (individuals and groups) to designate "Users" who can work in the system on their behalf!

Users can work on behalf of your office/practice to view referrals, submit claims, check the status of claims, update provider information, request additional sessions, etc.

To begin the process of designating users for your office/practice, click the "Administration" tab at the top of the screen.

To display this help at a later time, click "Administration Help" at the bottom of the page.

Please wait while your request is processed.