ComPsych offers organizations a hands-on, high-touch approach to health care advocacy that supports and engages employees making them more informed and better educated as to health care decisions and options.

Health Advocacy Services

Our HealthChampion program is designed to help employees navigate their medical plan and benefits, guide them through health care options, connect them with the right resources and advocate for timely and fair resolution of issues. ComPsych HealthChampion specialists partner with the employee to walk him or her through all aspects of their issue and, using a completely in-house, integrated model, ensure that the employee is fully supported with employee assistance program and/or work-life services.

HealthChampion can help an employee through a variety of both administrative and clinically-related concerns:

Administrative Support

  • Easy-to-understand explanation of benefits – what’s covered and what’s not
  • Step-by-step assistance with claims and billing issues
  • Cost estimation for covered and/or non-covered treatment options
  • Fee and payment plan negotiation
  • Referral to financial resources for the under and uninsured
  • Explanation of the appeals process

Clinical Support

  • One-on-one review of your health concerns
  • Straightforward, easy-to-understand answers regarding diagnosis and treatment options
  • Preparation for upcoming doctor’s visits, lab work, test, and surgeries
  • Coordination with appropriate health care plan provider(s)
  • Referral to community resources and applicable support groups

* Both administrative and clinical specialist can cross refer to internal & external resources.