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ComPsych Disability Assist is a suite of services that addresses the behavioral health issues that can cause or complicate disability claims. Leveraging the behavioral health expertise and work-life resources of ComPsych, this innovative program helps shorten the duration of an employee’s absence, lower disability claims costs and prepare the employee for a successful return to work.

DisabilityAssist is available in two program models.

DisabilityAssist-Outreach provides:

  • Proactive outreach calls from master's level clinicians
  • Tailored response to individual needs
  • Interactive communications to encourage program use
  • Referrals to complementary resources

DisabilityAssist-Management provides:

  • Case management of behavioral health-related claims
  • Goal-focused treatment plans provided by ComPsych disability case managers
  • Coordinated outreach with the provider and employee to reduce length of stay
  • HR and manager education on mental health issues
  • Comprehensive reporting on costs saved