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Our suite of innovative employee health and wellness programs address the full continuum of emotional and physical issues of an employee to improve corporare wellness. This holistic approach ensures each individual has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health goals, and is an integral part of the GuidanceResources solution.

Employee Health and Wellness Programs - Corporate Wellness

Employee Health and Wellness Programs

Our suite of innovative employee health and wellness programs address the full continuum of emotional and physical issues of an employee to improve corporate wellness. This holistic approach ensures each employee has the tools and resources necessary to achieve their personal health and wellness goals, and is an integral part of the GuidanceResources solution.

HealthyGuidance® is a comprehensive solution to improving corporate health and productivity, empowering employees to make healthy lifestyle changes while helping them overcome barriers to success such as emotional and mental health issues. With “build to suit” programs that are customized to meet the needs of each organization and each employee, HealthyGuidance preempts issues from becoming full-blown illnesses.

The HealthyGuidance suite of services includes:

Health Risk Assessment (HRA)

HealthyGuidance® Health Risk Assessment (HRA) sets the industry standard for evaluating an employee population and providing measurable, accurate data to monitor and track the success of the corporate wellness program on an ongoing basis.

Our Health Risk Assessment (HRA) focuses on an employee’s personal/family health history and lifestyle, and is designed to identify an at-risk employee. Confidential reports are available to an individual employee, and aggregate reports are generated for the organization.

HealthyGuidance HRA benefits both employer and employee through:

  • A personal health report for each employee with risk factors, action steps and overall wellness score
  • Aggregate reporting showing most prevalent risk factors, associated costs and opportunities to improve. Reports available by business unit or geographic location
  • Annual reports and analyses to assess the program's financial impact over time
  • Integration with third-party biometric data

Tobacco Cessation

ComPsych experts are uniquely suited to support an individual in their goal of quitting smoking. We understand that an employee’s addiction to tobacco is intertwined with other lifestyle issues, and our professionals help keep an employee tobacco-free through a plan that addresses their social, nutritional and exercise needs. Our Certified Tobacco Cessation Specialists integrate the behavioral modification techniques that make ComPsych an industry leader in producing lasting results.

Our Tobacco Cessation program includes:

  • Customized assistance plan based on the participant’s initial level of “readiness to quit”
  • Strategies to help an employee deal with common fears about quitting tobacco use
  • Coordination with other resources when appropriate (EAP, financial, legal, work-life)
  • Stress management skills instruction
  • Tips for preventing weight gain
  • One-on-one telephone counseling sessions
  • Ongoing relapse prevention support

Weight Management

The HealthyGuidance® Weight Management program incorporates healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Each employee is provided with a personalized plan to help meet their individual goals and reduce the potential for more serious health issues such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or high cholesterol.

The ComPsych certified wellness coaches are experts in nutrition, exercise and behavior change. Our weight management coaching is collaborative and supportive, with dedicated experts guiding the employee to make better decisions.

Our Weight Management program includes:

  • Unlimited inbound calls to health coaches
  • Meal-planning options for overall health or to address the needs of individuals with specific conditions
  • Individualized exercise plans based on the employee’s current activity level, including strength training and cardiovascular components
  • Online and/or telephonic coaching to guide an employee in achieving their weight management goals

Lifestyle Coaching

Reducing an individual’s risk factors and improving overall health is the goal of HealthyGuidance® Lifestyle Coaching. Our specially trained wellness coaches and clinicians are exclusively dedicated to nutrition, exercise and behavior change. We work one on one with each employee to design achievable goals to reduce specific risks and address some of the top health issues affecting individuals and organizations, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and stress.

Our Lifestyle Coaching program includes:

  • Behavioral change specialists that work one on one with employees to motivate, educate and modify behavior
  • Specially trained wellness coaches and clinicians
  • Flexible five-session coaching model with the same coach every session
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • Reporting that helps organizations understand issues and see results

Worksite Wellness Challenges

Employee engagement is key to a corporate wellness programs success, and ComPsych helps organizations generate excitement and participation by offering worksite wellness challenges. These turn-key programs are administered completely by ComPsych and are a proven way to motivate employees to enroll in a wellness program and adopt healthier lifestyles. Employers can choose from a variety of modules including individual or team competitions as well as goal-based programs such as weight loss, walking or other exercise challenges.

Our Worksite Wellness Challenges attract participation and get results through:

  • Customized promotions and competitions to fit an organization’s culture and specific needs
  • Launch and rollout plan to get employees started
  • Ongoing weekly communication and newsletters to keep employees informed and motivated
  • Online tracking of individual and team rankings as well as incentives

Online Incentive Tracking

The ComPsych online incentive tracking system is designed to boost employee engagement in wellness while relieving the administrative burden on employers. Our HealthyGuidance experts consult with an organization to develop a program tailored to its needs and goals, including types of incentives and points offered, timeframes and rules for earning points and other design features to drive participation.

HealthyGuidance Online Incentive Tracking allows an employee or team to track their progress, and redeem points for completing activities including health risk assessment, biometric screening, smoking cessation, health coaching and more.

The Online Incentive Tracking program includes:

  • Expert consultation on program design and incentive offerings
  • Ability to integrate data from a variety of sources – including health plans, prescription benefit managers, employee self-reported information and ComPsych – in order to track incentives
  • Customized messaging to support an organization’s wellness goals
  • Points tracking and incentive fulfillment by ComPsych

Ongoing Education and Communications

ComPsych creates employee communications that are designed to increase program awareness and utilization, and to encourage employees’ efforts toward healthy behavior change. We provide employee orientation along with ongoing educational seminars.

Our HealthyGuidance® wellness workshops are developed and presented by our staff of training experts who are specialists in adult education and wellness topics. Examples of topics include:

  • Portion Distortion—a look at how portion sizes have changed over the years, examining the difference between a “serving” and a “portion,” and practical tips for cutting back on food intake
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget—an overview of what foods provide the most nutrition for the least cost, as well as strategies for incorporating these foods into a busy lifestyle
  • Sleep Well, Live Well—a discussion of how important sleep is to health, identifying barriers to a good night’s sleep and the impact these may have on overall physical health, nutrition choices and work productivity
  • Diet and Exercise—separating fact from myth concerning the most effective exercise and diet plans, the importance of lifestyle changes in a fitness plan, the value of positive attitude, goal setting and prioritizing behaviors