All personal information collected from anyone in the European Union is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation and other relevant laws. The privacy rights of anyone contacting us from the EU are addressed by our Privacy and Terms of Use and ComPsych Privacy Shield Privacy Policy, as well as the following policy:

The personal information held by ComPsych is collected and processed solely to provide the information and services offered by our employee assistance programs. ComPsych minimizes access to personal data so that only as much information is shared as is needed. When giving a referral, for instance, we use only a first name and initial with a reference number and do not share other personal information. We only collect enough information to clearly identify each individual so that they will not be confused with others and a short summary of the individual’s issue so that we can make a proper referral. The personal information is never used to profile individuals and is never shared with employers or anyone else who is not involved in providing the services requested.

Personal data will be retained only for as long as accounts are active or retention is required as a matter of contract or law.

ComPsych processes personal information based on the consent of the individuals providing the information.
If anyone wishes to
1) Review their own personal information held by ComPsych,
2) Rectify inaccuracies in their personal information,
3) Restrict our processing of their personal information,
4) Withdraw their consent for processing, or
5) Erase their records and be forgotten,
they may send a request to ComPsych’s GDPR Representative at

When contacting the Privacy Official, be sure to provide enough information for us to identify your records and contact you if we need to clarify or discuss your request.

You can also restrict the personal information we process by restricting what you tell us. To provide services of any kind, we need to know how you qualify for them, which is usually through your employer or the employer of a close family member. Other information is not always necessary, so, if you wish, ask the representative you speak to about restricting what we record.

ComPsych Corporation is the Controller of data collected from those who contact us. The company’s corporate headquarters are located at:

ComPsych Corporation
455 N. Cityfront Plaza Drive, 13th Floor
Chicago, IL 60611

ComPsych’s representative in Europe can be contacted at: