ComPsych provides personalized solutions for financial, legal, family, elder care issues and more.

Work-Life Services

The extensive staff of work-life experts at ComPsych cover every conceivable issue an employee may face anywhere in the world. ComPsych is passionate about providing each employee with a personalized solution to address their financial, legal, family, elder care issues and more. By providing each employee with a personalized solution, ComPsych work-life services help individuals stay free of personal distractions and remain more focused on the job.

Our Work-Life Services include:


Our knowledgeable specialists create customized solutions that help address a wide range of issues such as child or elder care, adoption, home repair, education and housing needs that could potentially affect an employee’s performance. Our dedicated staff is passionate about assisting an employee in finding high-quality care, referrals and information, giving them peace of mind and reducing the need for conducting their own research during work hours.

This service features:

  • Highly trained and experienced Resource Specialists to assess each situation
  • Prescreened referrals for child and elder care services
  • Culturally appropriate, personalized information, referrals and care recommendation packages
  • Assistance around the world
  • Extensive, in-depth online content including video, audio, articles and recommended books


The financial specialists at ComPsych help employees manage stressful financial challenges that can affect their emotional well-being and workplace productivity.

We offer unlimited, objective financial guidance to employees through an in-house team of qualified experts, including CPAs, CFPs and other financial professionals. For individuals requiring more extensive investment or financial planning expertise, we provide a referral to a financial professional in their local community using our extensive network.

This service provides:

  • Unlimited financial information on a broad range of issues including debt management, family budgeting, estate planning and tax planning
  • Interactive tools, calculators and in-depth financial assistance available on GuidanceResources® Online


ComPsych provides an employee with access to a full staff of legal experts, unlimited phone consultations, local attorney referrals and other professional resources. An employee can receive assistance from our in-house team of legal experts, who give them unlimited information and guidance on issues such as divorce, adoption, estate planning and real estate.

This service provides:

  • Easy access to an in-house staff of attorneys exclusively dedicated to phone consultations
  • Referrals to local attorneys for a free 30-minute consultation and a 25 percent reduction in fees thereafter
  • Information on low-cost and no-cost legal options
  • Referrals to consumer advocacy groups and governmental organizations

WellthSourceSM - Financial Wellness for the Digital AgeSM

WellthSourceSM is a needs-based, digital financial wellness platform that offers interactive, guided programs, tools and resources, 24/7. Available on desktop, tablet and mobile platforms, WellthSource helps users create a well-planned, flexible and sustainable lifestyle of healthy financial choices and habits.

This service provides:

  • A state-of-the-art, interactive digital platform that creates a personalized financial wellness curriculum for each user
  • Easy-to-follow digital modules to create a legally binding will and personalized financial plan
  • Needs-based, guided programs on all of the key areas of financial well-being
  • Convenient online and mobile access to thousands of cutting-edge financial tools and services
  • Access to ComPsych’s dedicated staff of impartial, in-house CPAs, CFPs and other financial experts
  • Integration as a value-add complement to GuidanceResources services or as a stand-alone service


A dedicated team of experts develops a personalized plan to help an employee provide care for their family’s senior member, helping remove potentially distracting issues for the employee while at work.

This service provides:

  • Trained professionals experienced in navigating the health care system for elders
  • Personalized, in-home assessment
  • Ongoing consultation with family members regarding elder care choices
  • Legal and financial services
  • Quality local referrals
  • Educational materials for an employee and family members


This user-friendly online tool allows employees and their family members to write a last will and testament, a living will and a document outlining their wishes for final arrangements quickly, easily and cost effectively. EstateGuidance walks users through the entire process, guiding choices with a series of questions and breaking down each step into easy-to-understand terms. Convenient, simple and accessible anytime, anywhere via tablet, desktop or mobile app, EstateGuidance eliminates the barriers to estate planning.