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Retail Minded

Jan 8, 2017

Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

Keeping your employees engaged is important because it allows your business to achieve positive outcomes. When your employees are willing to give their best, wonderful opportunities unfold.

One simple yet effective method for fostering employee engagement is to let your employees know your expectations. Regardless of the task you give to your employees, make it a point to always let them know why they’re doing what they’re doing and the end results you expect. Based on a survey by ComPsych, 31 percent of employees stated that unclear expectations are what stress them the most when undergoing change at work. Lack of guidance can lead to poor decision making, disinterest in work and mistakes among employees.

To set clear expectations on a task, you need to specify the completion date, responsibilities of people involved, success criteria and its overall value to your organization. Communicate realistic expectations so your employees will be able to manage their work better and celebrate accomplishments.

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