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Employee Benefit News

Jul 2, 2019

When 11 people were killed in a mass shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh last year, family and friends of PNC employees lost their lives. Liz Harrington, vice president and health and wellness strategy manager at PNC, said to deal with the tragedy – and others like it across the country – the financial services company leveraged its mental health and wellness benefits to help workers cope.

“There are a lot of things happening in our society today and it’s important to address our employees’ individual mental health issues,” Harrington said, speaking this week at the SHRM annual conference. “[It’s about] helping to make sure they can share with their loved ones, their children and cope in a healthy way themselves.”

To do this, PNC launched a mental health campaign leveraging benefits from its well-being program, Living Well, which focuses on employee finances, life and health. The program was formed in 2010, in collaboration with ComPsych, an employee assistance program provider. Dale Grenolds, executive vice president of ComPsych, said the company wanted to develop a program that would be accessible to a broad range of workers.

“It seems every day and every week there are things happening in the world that create anxiety and heightened levels of stress,” Grenolds said.

Within one year of starting the campaign, PNC saw a more than 20 percent increase in the number of workers accessing counseling. It also saw a more than 50 percent jump in those seeking out coaching on topics including improving sleep and resilience. Harrington said she hopes these numbers will continue to go up.

“We’ve really tried to tie mental health into the overall well-being messaging, and we’ve continued to evolve that over the years,” she said.