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Corporate Wellness Magazine

May 16, 2017

What’s making employees so stressed? There can be very specific triggers for the kind of stress experienced at the office. In a StressPulse survey by EAP provider ComPsych, workers listed the following reasons as their main causes for stress:

  • Workload – 36 percent. It’s no surprise to see this stressor at the top of the survey. Employers are consistently asking their employees to do more with a lot less. Cut budgets, lack of resources, or inefficient staffing solutions can make it hard for a worker to get his or her job done in an effective manner.
  • People-related Issues –31 percent. Think about it this way – you’re spending upwards of eight hours each day with people who are otherwise virtual strangers to you. You’re not allowed to deal with conflict in ways that feel comfortable to you; for example, you can’t demand a coworker stop an annoying behavior for fear of creating an even more toxic workplace.
  • Juggling work and personal life -- 20 percent. Many workers report feeling as though their work-life balance is skewed in favor of employers. It’s no wonder – with more of us feeling pressured to put in long workdays and be constantly connected to work.
  • Lack of Job Security – 8 percent. Finally, respondents placed lack of job security as one of the biggest stressors they encounter in the workplace. It makes sense – the old employer-employee relationship that defined earlier generations has given way to a transactional, at-will employment agreement.

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