Our in-house HR consultants help managers address organizational issues and provide critical incident support.

Organizational Support

ComPsych offers services to support HR and organizational success, including HR consultation and critical incident support.

HR Consultation

ComPsych provides a one-stop HR resource for large and small organizations, offering guidance on a full range of HR challenges, which results in better decision making and a more efficient use of internal resources.

Our HR professionals offer organizations valuable information, resources and perspective to deal with immediate issues and provide long-term solutions.

Consulting is available for:

  • Employee attraction, retention and performance issues
  • Substance abuse and country-specific compliance and statutory practices
  • Workplace violence, crisis intervention and employee security
  • Hundreds of topics covered though culturally sensitive training, seminars and development workshops

Critical Incident Services

ComPsych responds to critical incidents anywhere in the world, providing expert guidance and in-person counseling to help employees effectively deal with crises and return to normalcy more quickly.

Our critical incident services are designed to help organizations effectively handle a traumatic incident anywhere around the globe, 24 hours a day. By providing knowledgeable and reliable crisis intervention and critical incident counseling, ComPsych helps employees and organizations recover from crises more quickly, reducing business disruption.

These services feature:

  • Custom plans and preparation for emergencies
  • Immediate response with 24/7 worldwide access to critical incident specialists
  • On-site counseling sessions both for groups and individuals.
  • Post-event reporting and consultation