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Our dedicated in-house staff of leave management and FMLA administration service professionals provides complete administration of leave in various countries including the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and ADA guidance and administration. From tracking of leave to consulting with employers, ComPsych helps organizations strategically reduce absences, cost and liability.

Leave Management and FMLA Administration Services

Leave Management and FMLA Administration Services

ComPsych Leave Management and FMLA Administration Services offers a convenient alternative to internally administering leave and absence policies that greatly reduces an organization’s costs and liability risk. Available in a variety of countries, ComPsych Leave Management provides guidance on leave requirements and employee eligibility, handles the administrative tasks associated with absences and coordinates the leave benefits on behalf of the employer. The outcome is fair, accurate and consistent leave administration for all employees.


This cost-effective program reviews, approves, processes and tracks leave requests related to the U.S. Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), with the oversight of an expert legal staff. FMLASource® is a comprehensive solution which helps organizations reduce the amount of absences while protecting against legal action. FMLASource® features:

  • Quick, accurate answers to tough FMLA questions

  • Readily available expertise and consultation for managers/supervisors

  • Consistent application of FMLA policies, a key requirement under the law

  • Expert consultation on the application of both federal and state leave laws

  • Online FMLA leave request and tracking of absences

  • Concurrent tracking of disability and worker’s compensation

  • Detailed weekly, monthly and quarterly leave reports

ADA Services complement and integrate into FMLA services

  • Comprehensive solution to ADA leave administration

  • Expert guidance to ensure a well-reasoned, individual analysis