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Jan 9, 2020

With balancing work, a personal life and a social life, checking everything off your list is easier said than done. In fact, the stress of having to get things done could actually be hindering you from achieving your day's goals. According to a survey conducted by ComPsych, an employee assistance provider, 41 percent of people lose about 15-30 minutes of productivity time a day just because of stress. Thirty-six percent lose about an hour or more.


So, here are 11 Alexa hacks that'll help you start your day, plan your schedule, stay productive and get through the workweek like a champ:

1. Set timers while getting ready

2. Use announcements to get everyone going

3. Keep track of your schedule

4. Create reminders throughout your day

5. Make to-do lists

6. Check your email on the go

7. Make plans for dinner

8. Set a routine for going to bed

9. Set wake-up alarms for the next day

10. Save time on your showers using Alexa’s Shower Timer.

11. Get more motivated to conquer the day with Alexa’s Daily Motivation