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Aug 14, 2019

Dale Grenolds, Executive Vice President at EAP provider CompPsych, spoke at the DMEC conference about the evolution of employee assistance programs.

EAPs, like other benefits, are now app-accessible, allowing participants to interact with counselors online. However, "many people still like to pick up a phone and talk to a clinician," Grenolds said, and "24/7, we're there, whether you're in crisis or it's something less urgent."

EAPs are also taking a holistic approach, he said, helping employees navigate their employer's medical, wellness, financial-services and leave offerings. EAPs may craft a support plan—"solutions that are not cookie-cutter," Grenolds explained—for employees with mental and behavioral issues, such as substance abuse or post-traumatic stress disorder.

To create a program for employees with depression, one EAP coordinated with the organization's health insurer and pharmacy benefit manager to identify those taking depression-related prescriptions. It then sent letters reminding these employees about EAP services, Grenolds said.