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Employee Benefit News

Mar 3, 2020

Employers have placed travel bans and asked sick employees to work remotely in an effort to prevent outbreaks of coronavirus, but what are they doing to help quell growing fears of a global epidemic?

Global EAP provider, ComPsych, has added a webinar to its existing offerings to specifically address this anxiety. Titled “Coping with Uncertainty about the Coronavirus,” the program teaches strategies for calming fears over catching the disease and connects users with people who are experiencing the same anxiety — or are currently under quarantine.

“Employees are not performing their best if they’re dealing with feelings of isolation, or fears of being quarantined,” says Ken Zuckerberg, vice president of training at ComPsych. “The most helpful thing an employer can do is direct them to resources to help them deal with those feelings.”

The EAP serves 50,000 organizations in 160 countries, including those with people currently under quarantine for coronavirus. Zuckerberg spoke about how ComPsych’s program can help employees build resilience in stressful situations, and why employers shouldn’t ignore fears over the outbreak.