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Anxiety Skyrockets as Number One Presenting Issue Among American Workers Seeking Mental Health Assistance

Mar 26, 2024

CHICAGO – (March 26, 2024) - ComPsych® Corporation, the world’s largest provider of mental health services and GuidanceResources® for life, today announced a dramatic increase in anxiety among American workers in 2023. These finding are based on a representative sample analysis of more than 300,000 U.S. cases facilitated by ComPsych in 2023. The data shows that last year nearly a quarter of people (24%) who reached out for mental health assistance did so to get help with anxiety.

As the number one presenting issue reported by U.S. workers, anxiety now tops depression, stress, partner or relationship issues, family issues, addiction, and grief, among other subjects that people seek help coping with.

“It’s clear that as a society, we’ve become more anxious in recent years, and for good reason,” said Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz, Founder, CEO and Chairman of ComPsych. “From the pandemic to ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, civil unrest, an unpredictable economy and increasingly polarized political rhetoric surrounding elections, there is a persistent underlying feeling of apprehension and worry.”

“For business leaders, there is an imperative to help employees cope with these feelings,” Dr. Chaifetz continued. “Companies who invest in resources for employees ultimately benefit by attracting and retaining a healthier and more productive workforce, allowing both employees and companies to thrive.”

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