Hong Kong Privacy Notice


To protect the privacy of the service users, ComPsych along with its partner in Hong Kong, Four Dimensions Consulting Ltd., strictly follow the professional guidelines for implementation of Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and will keep the personal data of the service users and the contents of interviews in strict confidence. The information will not be disclosed without the consent of the service users, except for the following situations:

  • A Court Order has been issued and demands for personal data of the service user concerned; or
  • The service user is found exhibiting high suicidal risk or likely doing harm to others.

If such information is disclosed, we will, as far as possible, inform the service user that we will provide or have provided the related information to the third party. If we cannot inform the service user in advance, we will inform the service user afterwards as soon as possible. However, if this procedure is perceived as increasing the possibility of injury to the service user or others, we can decide to omit it.

We will seek the service user’s written consent before making use of the content of interview for external professional intervention. Please be assured that giving consent or not will not affect the provision of service.

Personal Data Collection

Purposes of collecting personal data

The personal data you provided will be used for the provision of suitable services, e.g. service application, assessment of the service required, individual and family counselling, service monitoring, staff supervision, research, service reporting, and referral making, etc. The provision of personal data is voluntary. Yet, failure to provide sufficient personal data may make us unable to provide appropriate services to you. Please make sure that the data you provided is accurate. If there is any change in the data, please inform us.

Transfer of personal data

The personal data you provided will be recorded and kept confidential, but may be disclosed and/or transferred to the following persons or organizations, if needed:

  • the parties or persons to whom you have agreed to disclose your personal data, say, for assessing your application for other services;
  • the court by court order; or
  • any party who needs to know your personal data where there is a high suicidal risk or risk of harm to others.

Access and correction of personal data

Except for those exempted by the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the rights of access to and correction of your personal data held by us. You can apply for a copy of the data held by us, following the proper procedure laid down by Four Dimensions Consulting Ltd. and with the payment of fees.


Should there be any enquiry on personal data collection, please contact:
Address : 7/F, 33 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
Telephone : 2731 6350
Fax Number : 2724 3703
E-mail : info@fourdimensions.org
Website : http://www.fourdimensions.org